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  1. Membership Defined
  2. The society shall consist of members as per the following categories:

(a)    Annual Membership (Individual)

(b)   Annual membership (Institutional)

(c)    Life Membership (Individual)

(d)   Life membership (Institutional)

(e)    Patron Members

  1. Admissions and qualification for membership

(a)   Annual  Member (Individual)

Any member interested or actually engaged in teaching, research, science communication and/or field action in environmental conservation and rural development and who agrees to subscribe to the objects of the Society subject to such conditions as may be specified from time to time by the Governing Body on its behalf.

(b)   Annual Member (Institutional)

The Governing Body may admit any institution or any Society or Organization as Annual Member, which is interested in the objects of the society on such conditions as may be specified by the Governing Body from time to time. Two members may be participated as  nominated member by the Institution/ Society

(c)    & (d)  Life member (Individual & Institutional) :

Any person/ organization or Society, who/ which fulfils the qualifications of annual member and is willing to serve the Society life-long after fully contributing the said life membership fee may be deemed to be a life Member. The institutions/ societies want to participate as Life member can nominate any two  members on their behalf at a time to participate on their behalf.

(e.) Patron Members: Any distinct person, who is willing to support the society as advisors and can pay the fee assigned for the Patron Members for approval of EC and GBM.


III        Subscription:

Entrance fee, annual subscriptions and life membership for individuals as well as institutions/organizations shall be fixed by the Executive committee from time to time.

The rates applicable at present are:

                        Membership                                         Subscription

(a)    Annual  Individual           Rs. 500/= per annum plus Rs. 100/= entrance fee to be paid with the first Entrance

(b)   Annual Institutional          Rs. 5000/= per annum plus Rs 100/- entrance fee to be paid with the first entrance

(c)    Life (Individual)                Rs. 3000/=

(d)   Life  (Institutional)           Rs. 25000/=

(e)    Patron Members                Rs. 1,00,000/=

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