Professor H.S. Srivastava Foundation for Science and Society was established by his family members, students, friends, colleagues and well wishers to mark his vision and dreams after his sudden and untimely demise in an age of 55 years. Professor H.S. Srivastava had initiated a few novel works to bring science and people together through a society “Society of Green World” Bareilly, which could not be continued after his demise. The work initiated by him through this society was opted by the new society which got registered in Lucknow and continued the publication of International Research Journal “Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants” (PMBP:www.springer.com/journal/12298).

Present Status & Perspectives:-

  • Presently the society is publishing the quaternary International Research Journal “Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants, which is solely distributed by Springer since 2008. This journal has a steady growth and reaching to over 10,000 institutions globally.
  • In addition to this journal, the society is also involved in publication of Publication of multilingual (quarterly) magazine Kahaar (www.kahaar.in) in collaboration with two other nonprofit registered Societies, which is also has a page on face book and twitter. This magazine is focused to science communication and knowledge of sustainable development in international, national and regional languages & linguists to rural population and school children.
  • A rural library network is under process to get established.
  • In addition many academic and social activities are undertaken time to time, which have been listed subsequently.

Aims and Objectives:-

  • To bring together individuals and organizations involved in activities such as development of scientific temper, science education, research and popularization of science, and sustainable development of the society, based on participation of people. The science communication between the experts and common people will be done by publication e.g. research journals, magazines, books, booklets, pamphlets etc. and other means.
  • To promote the cause of conservation of nature and natural resources with emphasis on diversity of plant and animal life, ecology, natural history and socio-cultural aspects in relation to human environment and heritage.
  • To demonstrate the methodologies for regenerating environmentally degraded areas, promoting public participation and broadening of the general scientific and environmental outlook.
  • To promote and undertake Research, development and extension services in the field of sustainable agriculture, eco-friendly, innovative and low cost technology development.
  • To propagate utilization of non-conventional and renewable sources of energy, improved systems and devices as part of integrated rural and urban development.
  • To undertake integrated program for the development of scientific culture, scientific heritage of India, Scientific tests for sustainable development and to promote scientific and rationale outlook of Society.
  • For promoting scientific aptitude and scientific temper development programs. Emphasis will be laid on non formal education through seminars, training courses, group discussions, popular lectures, multimedia campaigns, posters, essay competitions, slide shows, field excursions and other promotional activities etc.
  • To offer recognition and awards to professional groups and individuals for attainment of excellence in the field of science, agriculture, health, science communication, innovative technologies & social works.