Major Outcome

The Green and Renewable Energy Technologies, Resilient Ecosystems and Ecological Agriculture can help to achieve climate adaptation and mitigation goals.

The National Conference entitled “Climate Change and Sustainable Development;Emerging Issues and Mitigation Strategies” (CCSD-2015), was organized at BBA University, Lucknow on 23rd-24th November, 2015 in which PHSS Foundation was a major organizing partner. There are strong evidence over the past few decades that enhanced atmospheric CO up to more than 400 µmol, the global warming is severely 2 impacting food production, marine fisheries, corals, glaciers, aquatic, hilly and terrestrial ecosystems. The enormous human population shift, human activities, industralization and burning of fossil fuel and indiscriminate use of natural resources has created the climate crisis with various general and specific problems at global as well as local levels. About 250 academicians, scientist, professions, young researchers and students from different part of the country and abroad deliberated two days from morning to evening during the different technical sessions and three thematic symposia on climate change and plants, green technology entrepreneurship, green building; environmental clearance, appraisal mechanisms,. Environmental compliance, software development and CESR Guidelines, and policy and practices of sustainable agriculture and climate change management.

A separate award session of Prof. H.S. Srivastaa Foundation Awardees was held and a young scientist’s conclave was organized to give young researchers of up to 40 years to present their ideas and works on the understanding of current climate crisis and strategies for its management at global, national, regional and local levels. The conference was inaugurated by Magsaysay and Stockholm Water Prize Awardee Jalpurus Dr. Rajendra Singh along with other dignitaries like Professor K. Raja Reddy, a climate modeling expert from Mississippi State University, USA, Dr. P.K. Seth, Former Director, IITR and Former CEO, Biotech Park, Dr. D.C. Uprety, Former Emeritus Scientist, IARI, New Delhi, Prof. N. Raghuram, Dean School of Biotechnology, Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi and Dr. Ram Lakhan Singh, Former Principal Conservator of Forest UPand distinguished wild life expert. Dr. Rajendra Singh advocated to strengthen the climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies by involving the local communities at large scale exemplifying the work on water conservation in deserts of Rajasthan by Tarun Bharat Sangh under his leadership. The Guest of honour Professor K. Raja Reddy spoke on significance and insight his work on climate modeling to plan the policies and practices of adaptation and mitigation. Dr. Ram Lakhan Singh shared his expertise and vision on role of biodiversity and emerging technologies in climate change management. The inaugural session was jointly chaired by Dr. P.K. Seth, President PHSS Foundation and Dr. D.C. Uprety, President. The Society for Science of Climate Change and Sustainable Environment. Life Time Achievement Award of Prof. H.S. Srivastava Foundation, Prof. A.S. Raghvendra of Hyderabad University presented his work on photorespiration in plants as an essential adaptation to oxidative stress.

Life Time Achievement Award of Prof. H.S. Srivastava Foundation, Prof. A.S. Raghvendra of Hyderabad University presented his work on photorespiration in plants as an essential adaptation to oxidative stress.PHSS Foundation, Social Contribution Awardee Dr. Rakesh Pandey of CIMAP,Lucknow presented the importance of Trichoderma in Sustainable Agriculture. The young scientist awardee, Dr. Amit Mishra of IIT Jodhpur, Dr. Priti Tripathi of Lucknow University and Dr. Rahul Kumar Singh of BHU also presented their work.The afternoon session on climate change and emerging issues was chaired by Prof. S.R.Singh, Former Vice Chancellor, RA University, Samastipur, and Prof. K. Raja Reddy(Mississipi, USA), Prof. M.H. Fulekar (CUG, Gandhinagar), Prof. Uday Mohan (K.G.Medical University, Lucknow) and Dr. Arpita Mohan presented on the significant challenges on climate change in Agriculture, Ecosystem Management and Health Sectors.The last session of 1st day was chaired by Professor R.S. Tripathi, Emeritus Scientists,CSIR-NBRI, Lucknow and Co-chaired by Dr. Ram Lakhan Singh, Former PCCF, UP, Dr.D.C. Uprety and Prof. Nandula Raghuram of Delhi, Prof. M.N.V. Prasad of HU,Hyderabad, Dr. V.K. Singh, ICAR-CISH and Dr. K. Gopal, Secretary General, AEB,Lucknow were distinguished speakers of this key note forum. Ageneral body meeting of PHSS Foundation and to the Society for Sciences of Climate Change was organized subsequently on 23rd evening for organizational deliberations.

The second day of the conference observed many thematic symposia organized in different seminar halls and very exciting sessions like young scientist’s conclave. The various sessions and symposia were chaired and co-chaired by senior climate expert e.g. Dr. S.K. Bhargava, Former Deputy, Director, IITR, Lucknow, Prof. Dinesh Abrol, Emeritus Scientist, Policy Centre, JNU, New Delhi, Prof. P.W. Ramteke (SHITAS, Allahabad), Prof. B.P. Mishra of Mizoram University, Aizwal, Prof. M.N.V. Prasad of Hyderbad University, Dr. S.C. Sharma, General Secretary, CGES, Sh. Mukesh Shukla,Director, SAMADHAN, Dr. N.K. Bajpai, Solar Energy Expert, and Dr. Sanjay Mishra,Advisor DST, New Delhi on deputation. In thematic symposium climate change and plants, Prof. B.P. Mishra (Aizwal), Prof. P.W.Ramteke (Allahabad), Dr. Dinesh Yadav (Gorakhpur), Dr. S.C. Sharma (Lucknow presented their invited talks. The young scientist conclage, chaired by Prof. K. Raja Reddy (Mississippi) was a very exciting session in which 10 young scientists from various places of India presented their work on different aspects of climate change studies and honoured with medal for their presentations in order of ranking by the panel of judges.The thematic symposium of Green Technology Entrepreneurship was chaired by Dr.N.C. Bajpai and lead lectures were delivered by Dr. Usha Bajpai of LU, Lucknow, Mr.Narendra Kumar and Mr. Ashu Dubey of SAMADHAN, Lucknow followed by presentations and discussion by others in a very vibrant session