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Executive Committees

Of Prof. H. S. Srivastava Foundation

(i) The Executive Committee shall have up to Seventeen members
(ii) The Composition of the Executive Committee shall be a follows:

  • President : 01
  • Vice President : 03
  • General Secretary : 01
  • Executive Secretary (HQ Cum Treasurer) : 01
  • Joint Secretary : 05
  • Executive Members : 06

(iii) Minimum and maximum strength of the Executive Committee including the office bearers, will be Seventeen respectively.

(iv) Election and its mode:

(a) Election to the Executive Committee of the Society shall be by postal ballot by appointing 1-2 returning officer. However, the Executive Committee may make such changes in it and calendar of dates as it deems fit from time to time.

(b) During the year in which the elections to the Executive Committee become due, that fact shall be notified to the members before the 15th of March that year and nominations of the President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary General, Executive Secretary (HQ) Cum Treasurer Joint Secretaries and members of Executive Committee shall be filled not later than 15th of April of the election year in a format described by the Executive Committee,unless executive committee can change the date due to a valid reason. A consolidated list of those members, whose nomination papers are in order, will be prepared by the appointed returning officer(s) and sent by post to all the members before the 15th of May for casting their votes by postal ballot.

(c) Two members of the Society shall be appointed by the Executive Committee as Returning Officers who will open the envelopes containing the ballot papers on 15th June and report the results of the Ballot to the Executive committee.Every member, whose name has been validly voted for in the majority of the ballot papers received as per the election schedule will be declared by the president to have been elected. Every member of the Executive Committee so elected shall be informed through a written communication of his election immediately.

(d) The newly elected office-bearers and executive Members will commence their terms of office on the day following the annual general meeting but not before 1st November of the year for which the elections were held.

(e) The Society shall submit annually a list of all members of the Society giving their names, full residential addresses, occupation and designation to the Registrar of Societies, Uttar Pradesh as per Section 4 of Societies Registration Act, 1860.

(v) Terms of the Office

The executive Committee will retire automatically after a period of three years and before retiring, the outgoing Executive Committee shall hand over the charge of the office to the newly elected Executive Committee. The term of the office of the Executive Committee can be amended in the General Body Meeting.

(vi) Powers and duties of the Executive Committee

(a) All the affairs of the Society shall be managed by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall prepare and adopt a series of by-laws which shall govern its meetings and its procedures as also that of the Society under this constitution.

(b) To consider, at the first instance, and before submission to a General Body meeting all communications addressed to the society and to regulate the order and the manner in which such communications shall be laid before the General Body Meeting.

(c) To superintend and direct the publication of the proceedings or other publications to be published by the society.

(d) Subject to confirmation by the next subsequent General Body Meeting to appoint as many salaried officers, clerks or servants as it may deem necessary to define their duties, allowances, salaries, gratuities and privileges and to punish, suspend or dismiss them, or to dispense with their services as, the occasion may require.

(e) To prepare estimates of income and expenditure of the succeeding year and to submit the same to a General Body meeting for approval year and to submit the same to a General Body meeting for approval.

(vii) Powers and duties of the office bearers


  • He/ She shall be the Chairman of the Executive Committee. He/ She shall be the administrative in charge of the Society, its properties and affairs.
  • In the absence of the president, Vice-President, nominated by him/ or the Executive Committee shall act on his/ her behalf and may do all such acts as the President himself/ herself could do, if present.
  • In case of doubt as to the interpretation of any of the statutes, the President’s interpretation shall hold good until the Executive Committee decides otherwise.


He/ She shall exercise such powers may be delegated to him/ her from time to time by the president or the Executive Committee. In absence of President a designated Vice President may chair the meeting and discharge his duties.

Secretary General

He/ She shall be responsible to the Executive Committee for the general conduct of the Society’s activities, correspondence and business. He/ She shall also be responsible for calling the meetings of the Executive Committee and General Body of the Society, for recording and reading of the minutes and executing the decisions of the Executive Committee.

Executive Secretary (HQ) cum Treasurer

He/ She shall receive for use of the society all sums of money due to or payable to the society and shall pay/ disburse all dues from or payable by the society and shall also maintain a regular account of all receipts and payments. He/ She shall also be responsible for getting the accounts audited. He/ she shall present to the Executive Committee on up to date list of members who have paid their dues before 31st March each year. He/ She will assist the Secretary General in all the works and duties assigned to him/her and with report the activities of the society in absence of Secretary General in a specific meeting.

Joint Secretary

He/ She shall exercise such powers may be delegated to him/ her from time to time by the Secretary General or the Executive Committee.

Quorum and notice of meetings

Minimum of 1/3rd no. of the members will form a quorum for a meeting at the Executive Committee or the General Body. A minimum of 15 days notice will be required to call a meeting of the Executive Committee.

Filling up a casual vacancies

The vacancies, if any, of the office bearers will be filled in the next meeting of the Executive Committee by the majority vote system amongst the members


The Executive Committee may appoint the following sub-committees: Governing Committee, Research Committee, Academic Council, Programme Committee, Resource Committee, Exhibition Committee and Publication committee etc. The Executive Committee shall also appoint a convener of each Committee. The functions and duties of the aforesaid Committees shall be specified by the Executive Committee from time to time.

Sources of Income and utilization of funds

Subscriptions and proceeds from the sale of the society’s publications shall substantially support the activities of the Society. Society may also accept payment of fees in return for professional services rendered to any government or private organization.
The Society may seek or accept annual grants or donations from the Central or State Governments, Industrial and commercial houses. Universities, Public or local Authorities and other National and International funding agencies/ bodies . The Society may also secure donations from corporate bodies and individuals from India/ Overseas interested in promoting the objectives of the Society.

Financial Year

The financial year of the society shall begin on the 1st of April but the annual fee shall be due for each calendar year on the 1st of January each year. The prescribed period of payment will extent only up to 31st march of the year. New members shall be liable to pay the annual fee for the full year in which they are admitted to membership. Members who have paid their dues within the prescribed period shall be considered as in good standing.

Audit and accounts

The Executive Committee shall appoint a Chartered Accountant every year for auditing the society’s accounts.

Operation of bank account

A Bank account of the society shall be opened in any of the scheduled/ nationalized banks. The account shall be operated by the Secretary General and Executive Secretary(HQ) cum Treasurer jointly.

Annual list of the Executive Committee

Once every year a list of the office bearers and members of the Executive Committee shall be compiled and filed with the Registrar of Societies, Uttar Pradesh as required under section 4 of the Societies Registration Act 1860, as applicable to the state of Uttar Pradesh.